Veritas Vineyards and Winery began in 1999 when Andrew and Patricia Hodson planted 5 acres of grapes as a passion project. Over the past two decades, Veritas has grown to include over 50 acres of vineyards and has succeeded in consistently producing a range of complex and elegant wines.

A Family Affair


Andrew and Patricia Hodson

Andrew and Patricia met and fell in love in Nottingham, England while Andrew was a young Neurologist and Patricia was a nurse. Their careers brought them to the east coast of the U.S. in the early 1970s, where they stayed until settling in Florida in the 1990’s. After successfully raising their three children and and at the height of their careers they decided to take a leap of faith and pursue their passion, wine. In 1999 they bought Saddleback Farm, which at the time was a simple horse and cattle farm. Patricia saw the potential in the land and planted several acres of grapes with a wish and prayer. By 2001, they had their first vintage ready for production. That year, Andrew tried his hand at winemaking with great success and their love for the Virginia wine industry blossomed. Since then, Patricia and Andrew have worked tirelessly to expand on their vision, bringing Veritas into the world of events and the fine hospitality at the Farmhouse.The business is truly a family affair as they have been joined by all three of their children in the running and development of the business.


Emily, Lydia, and Charlotte Pelton

Emily moved to Virginia in 1999 with the intention of taking a year off of school to help her parents and sister Chloe transition as they moved from Florida to Virginia. While starting a vineyard in Virginia seemed like a far-flung idea to Emily to start, she quickly fell in love with the beauty of the industry and the area and decided to stay and pursue a career in the wine industry. Emily and Andrew worked alongside each other as a team in the inception of Veritas, and Andrew held down the fort when she went to Virginia Tech to get her Masters degree in oenology (fermentation science). Now fifteen vintages in, Emily has become head winemaker and proud mother of two beautiful girls, Lydia and Charlotte, who have grown up on the farm and watched the winery and the vineyard grow. Emily is one of the few winemakers who cut her teeth in the Virginia wine industry. She feels strongly that with select varietals and true Virginia-grown fruit our industry will be unstoppable. Her philosophy involves trying to achieve natural, balanced expression of the fruit by focusing on attention to detail and cultural practices. But most of all, she just tries to stay out of the way as she allows the wine to show off the beauty of where the grapes were grown.


George, Tralyn, Hailey and Amelia Hodson

George Hodson took on the role of General Manager in the Summer of 2012 when he and his wife Tralyn relocated from Jacksonville, FL with their two beautiful daughters, Hailey and Amelia. George is the only son of Andrew and Patricia, and graduated from Emory University with a degree in Neuroscience before joining the family business.The family can often be found enjoying the beautiful Virginia weather through various activities on the farm and around the vineyards. George and his family are active members of City Church of Charlottesville, and when not working his pastimes include hunting, and spending time with his girls.


Chloe, Elliott, and Goose Watkins

Chloe and Elliott first met when they were children in Elliott’s grandparent’s backyard. They reconnected years later when Elliott came to work at Veritas during the summer holiday from his winemaking program at Plumpton College in the U.K. What started as a great friendship and working relationship quickly blossomed into a romance and a year later they were married amongst the newly planted vines on Veritas’ highest vineyard. Chloe is Andrew and Patricia’s youngest daughter and the winery’s Project Manager, ensuring that all new ventures are approached with Veritas’ commitment to quality. She has worked in every department at the winery, from mowing the fields, to working in the vineyard, and planning weddings and events. Elliott is the Assistant Winemaker at Veritas and works alongside Emily. His attention to detail and passion for good, clean wine make him a wonderful addition to the family team. Their fur-baby Goose can frequently be seen bounding across the winery lawn and greeting guests with his good looks and a good nature. 

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to make wine with the classic, old-world principles of viticulture and vinification, at the same time using state of the art technology to capture varietal and regional character. Our name derives from the Roman historian Pliny the Elder’s observation “In Vino Veritas” – “In Wine there is Truth.” We believe that the truth in our wine comes straight from our vineyard as an expression of the land where we live and work.


Our Team

We work with a creative and dedicated team of winemakers, chefs, event planners and tasting room associates to deliver the Veritas experience.


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