Taste of Monticello Roundup

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Awards, Events & Festivals | No Comments

Our calendar was full last week with events celebrating The Monticello Wine Trail. Things kicked off at The Monticello Wine Cup Gala on Thursday night in Charlottesville at The Jefferson. We don’t often get to schmooze with our industry friends and this was the perfect event. We got to taste each other’s wine and catch up before awards were given out. We are super proud that both our Vintner’s Reserve and Viognier won Gold and the Sauvignon Blanc won Silver.IMG_3856

The next morning Elliott attended the Sparkling Brunch at Trump Winery which featured one of our favorite pairings: Veritas Scintilla with oysters. This event was a celebration of the fantastic sparkling wines our region produces, including wines from Afton Mountain Vineyards, Horton Vineyards, King Family Vineyards and Trump Winery. We are honored to be included in such esteemed company.

This brings us to Saturday, the day of the festival. We were obsessively checking the forecast all week hoping it would change, but it did not! It was sunny and beautiful but the high was 40 with howling winds. There were 1700 attendees, which sounds like a lot, but was much less than in past years. This meant Emily could actually talk to the tasters instead of just pouring, pouring, pouring, which made for a much more enjoyable experience. Our staff rocked it, despite the less than ideal weather conditions. We can’t wait for next year, let’s bring home some more golds!